ONE-KEY™ | Milwaukee Tool



Here at Approved Plumbing and Heating, Milwaukee® is our go-to for powerful, durable, cordless tool solutions. They seem to always have something in the works that makes our job easier. Milwaukee® continues to innovate the way we think about tools with their latest innovation, a little piece of technology they call One-Key™.

Along with cloud-based document keeping, specific to each tool, One-Key™ tools are rumored to be fully customizable, through their mobile app.

This new technology is coming soon, so before you go out and buy a new cordless tool, check to see if you can get one of these babies – you never know how much money you could save. No more wondering how close you are until you need to get your tool serviced, no more over-torquing small screws, and no more waiting for the hole saw to get through that pesky 1-5/8″ composite wood.

Check it out below! ONE-KEY™ | Milwaukee Tool